You can’t stop, you have to go on

“The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances.”
It comes with pain, it brings misery, it take-along solitude– Ho, it’s not that tragic accident, it’s you! Let me tell you it’s a transformation, an opportunity to meet your own consciousness. People die every day, death is the greatest virtue and only truth you’re going to answer for your life. Accidents happen for a reason, it happens to conceive you that life is beautiful and it is even more beautiful than you ever thought before. Accidents make you fearless- no any amount of pain can hurt you anymore, no any amount of botherations can make you worrisome, no any amount of hatred going to belittle your love.
Take a bow, you’ve beaten death to take your life away out of  its ruthless claws. You’re blessed with an effortless destiny. Give your life a second chance, do not let yourself believe it had happened to you. Start living again, be your own superhero. Love everyone, put a heart in the crippling soul, make others realise that it is the only moment you can live forever. Laugh, make them laugh, soothe their aching– you gonna feel eternal happiness. So that when death will come to hunt you again, you could die in peace and contentment.
 I know they gonna leave you, they were never there. Those who are still here, they were always there. Do not cry, do not waste your precious tears for those who couldn’t wait to put you on feet again. They have no spirit to feel your pain, they have no audacity to kiss your rolling tears, they had no spine to say that they still love you. Life is uncertain, unjustified, unpredictable- there’s going to be another day, the day they never ever imagined of. Smile, you loved them unconditionally. Bless them anyway, they are meagre souls with necessitous hearts.
 You can’t stop, you have to go on. Life brings the fortitude when you have no privilege to make a choice. You may never going to forget the anguished times, but ages gonna fade your memories. Feed your soul with all the things you ever dreamed of. Believe yourself, thank almighty for everything you have today.
Live, smile….

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