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We men and women are filled of profuse love and competent of give-away tons of love to each & every creation of Mother Nature. Even our birth is the result of the most intimated and sacred form of love. Why violence?

World has witnessed the greatest of the greatest leaders who have embraced the path of non-violence and made the significant contribution to make the world a better place. Why do we forget about it, and we always forget about it. The blood-drenched sword is double edged and it justifies Newton’s third law of motion.  Violence serves no one; even the aftermath of the great battle of Kurushetra was grief-stricken to thePandvas. Though the violent battles fought in ancient times were mostly, good versus evil, and the purpose always remained unique i.e. to prevail peace. But in today’s era, things are worst; we fight for baseless things, which have no relation to the accomplishment of peace.

Let me share my own story with you, I had a very tragic road-accident in the year 2014 and the credit of my survival goes to the generous humans who overlooked the conundrum of religion, caste, creed etc and made every possible effort to keep me alive. My Boss, who is a believer of Sikh faith, was among those angelic humans who donated me the blood. My fracture leg was precisely treated by a Muslim doctor, I was mentally supported by my friends across the globe and all of them are Christians. Do I need to say that how much I owe to them?

There are so things in this world like poverty, education, hunger to care about except the fanaticism of violence and inhumanity. Religions were made to serve humanity, not to lynch it.   In his book Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India, Dr Kalam wrote, ““For great men, religion is a way of making friends; small people make religion a fighting tool.”   To a thirsty, the religion is water, to a hungry, the religion is food; above all is humanity that serves the needy.

In her letter to me, Irom Sharmila writes, “What we really need to do now is to inculcate the art of love and kindness for others around the world, so that the world be the real sole-abode of a civilised generation of ours, without madness of killings and supremacy in dealing with other fellow beings. Why not it is possible?

We, the citizen of this planet, are desperately in need to salvage the pearl of tolerance. Our minds should be broad enough and our hearts must be warm enough; to act or react without harming others, to analyse precisely before making pre-emptive notions, to help the feeble with all our strength, to think positive and TO make a constructive change.

After all, life is too short to be lived with hatred.


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