Cheers! It’s My Second Birthday

Past two years have changed every prospective of my definition about life. To lie broken and unconscious, waiting for last few breathes to pass away. I had one word in my soporose mind, “Mother! It’s my time to go & never to come back”. Let no-one inform that her son is about to disappear out of his bodily obligations.

The audacity of my loving younger brother, to hold the pen tight and writing in tears. He had put all his faith together to mend my broken face. 9 hours of everlasting wait was the longest of his life. How couldn’t miracles bound to happen? Death was powerless that day to cease me away.

When I woke up again, it was a different world. The man, who couldn’t sit even for a minute, was bound not to walk an inch. He couldn’t even speak to ask what has happened to him? who did all this, and why? Countlessly I prayed to die that day, and wrote on every paper. Pain had kissed its extremity beyond limits. I conversed in flawless tears, no expression was easy to pronounce my emotions.

Amidst all, God had different plans. The acceptance of my fate has reincarnated into the best I could offer back to life, in awe. I have decided to live, and never to give up. I have never felt before such a power within, the whole universe was certainly acting in synergy to unleash my eternal consciousness, in this way, I won the greatest battle of my life.

Perhaps, the bewilderment of living twice in a single life is the best thing happened to my existence.