Kashmir: Freedom to Conspire

Kashmir has entered in its 50th day of predicament and bloodshed, by the time 70 lives are lost and thousands are severely injured of pallet guns. Any day in Kashmir starts with horrid quietude and all of sudden it becomes grim and strident. Those hands deserve pen and paper, hold stone to pelt upon people who are there to guard them. Barely they know the reason. Why?

You pelt a stone, we fire a pellet gun; one has to injure, blind, disable. That’s not the future of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Which freedom you seek? The darkness of illiteracy, so that you keep on act as a ‘thing’ propagandize. Our economic corridors are fallen, no tourism anymore, hotels are unoccupied. What to gain out of that freedom? Hunger, lack of opportunity to grow together as an affluent hub.

Being a state-subject, I have the right to proclaim that the state of Jammu & Kashmir is one and only, whether it was governed earlier by the crown-head or the Republic of India. There is no question of freedom separately for Kashmir. Under no circumstance it is even possible whether to discuss strategically or practically. The idea of militancy has failed drastically and the “strategic partners” feel so miserable to act. Even a novice can understand why Pakistan support traitors and whose blood is lost. What they did (and keep on doing) in Balochistan is a heart-breaking lesson to learn.

We, the common people of Jammu and Kashmir want peace, prosperity, infrastructure, good education etc. This violence needs to end for the good of Kashmir and its people. Because stones cannot be eaten instead of food. No glory in dying for those who himself are wicked.