The authenticity of organisational culture in the age of #millennials

Oh No! the culture is not what you advertise on the career section of your website. Neither artificial intelligence is intelligent enough to define what millennials are exceedingly demanding in their jobs. Free meals are okay as long as you have the right people to grab lunch in the campus cafeteria. By saying, right people, I mean those who are passionate about their work, respect the diligence of authority and love to explore the blessing of diversity.

Conscious consumers” was one of the hottest trends in 2018. As per Euromonitor: Millennials are not just worried about plastics. Welcome to the age of the #woke consumer, when companies are evaluated by their treatment of animals and working conditions across the supply chain.

In this spring of ‘consciousness,’ organisations should give heed what they stand for when it comes to employees. Like really what the stand for, not just the bullsh*t they are feeding since the age of exploitation.

The hottest interview question that HR managers should ask the potential employees in 2019:

“What kind of organisation would you like to work for?”

Meditation of The Day


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