Case Study: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Market Assessment – USA & Europe

Date: June 2021


A global Chemicals & Materials company is looking to enter the market for specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) in the US and Europe through an acquisition of a small player based in North America.

The Infrastructure of Laboratory Safety | Lab Manager


The objective was to confirm or refute and provide a better understanding of some of the key hypotheses of the PPE market dynamics to support the client’s assessment of its acquisition target in the space. 


  • Assessed the PPE market landscape, including buying decision drivers of distributors and end-users
  • Further, assessed the competitive landscape, particularly key success factors and entry barriers that influence the acquisition target’s growth ability in this market
  • Secondary Research
  • Industry expert interviews
  • Information synthesis


The gathered insights helped the client to better understand if and how quickly they could penetrate the PPE market with differentiated products, as well as how defensible their position would be, once they entered the market through acquiring the target player. 

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