Case Study: ESG Data Platform Market & Competitive Landscape Assessment – USA

July 2021


A sustainability solutions provider was looking to understand the ESG data platform & services market to identify growth opportunities


Develop a thorough understanding of the ESG data platform market in the US, as well as assess the top ~10-15 major players in the industry.

Embracing ESG | Ethical Boardroom


  • To gather insights on the dynamics of the existing market for ESG data solutions and assess relevant ESG data solution players.
  • To identify white spaces and strategic opportunities for the client to pursue.


In-depth Secondary Research
Industry Experts Interviews
  • Executive Director – ESG & Sustainability Consulting
  • Sustainability VP – Real-Estate-Investment-Trust
  • BD Manager – Commercial Real Estate ESG
  • Sustainability Lead – Company Operations
  • Sector-Specific Consultant – ESG & Sustainability Consulting


Assessed the competitive landscape of ESG data platform providers. Based on this, we have identified M&A and strategic partnership opportunities in the ESG software space for the client to gain market share

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