Case Study: Indian Dairy Market Assessment and GTM Strategy

June 2021


An international trade-promotion and investment agency was looking to understand Indian dairy market to identify growth prospects in premium dairy category


Develop a thorough understanding of dairy market in India, identify underlying opportunities in the premium segment and develop go-to-market strategy


  • To size the total market in India and identify macroeconomic trends responsible for growth
  • To analyse the opportunity gaps specific to premium segment
  • To understand current and future trends shaping Indian dairy market
  • Through competition analysis, distribution model and scope of partnerships


In-depth Secondary Research

Market Sizing Modeling

Industry Experts Interviews
  • Marketing Manager – Flavoured Milk/Milkshake Category
  • General Manager of a leading co-operative
  • Head of Procurement and Logistics of a leading dairy importer
  • Global Dairy Innovation Director of a leading dairy manufacturer


The client had the through understanding on the market size, opportunities at category level, competition landscape, key success factors to win the market

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