Case Study: High-Efficiency Electric Motor Market Assessment & Growth Strategy

October 2021


A well-funded technology company had developed a breakthrough electric motor system and was looking to identify and prioritize growth opportunities across various segments.


The objective was to help the client in funnelling down segments up to the 3 most qualifying ones (the 3 final ones were Mobility, Industrials, and HVAC) on a global scale, to deep dive into identified market opportunities, and to understand the customer needs within. 

Sourav’s Role

  • Collaborate with an international team consisting of a very Senior Collaboration Manager (based out of London), an Industry Expert Consultant (based out of France).
  • Conduct extensive market research to understand the industry dynamics, develop value chain across industries, and assess market and competitive analysis.
  • Deep dives of the high-priority opportunities, covering the customer perspective to determine implications on the client’s value proposition and go-to-market strategy


Help prioritize and assess the most attractive market opportunities for the client to invest in, to ultimately support the client’s strategy & corporate finance leading to a liquidity event. 

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