I’ve always been a problem solver.

It fascinates me to understand, split and structure a problem to formulate functionally viable and creative solutions. Most people find it annoying — to face or strict longer to a situation of intricacy. I believe that a problem is an opportunity itself to design and innovate. An individual or an organisation that is continuously putting itself into a state of creative problem-solving, stands a possibility to grow financially and intellectually.

Today, the technology and data is rapidly transforming our decision-making abilities, while it seems easier to find the information, companies still lack the on-the-ground knowledge and evidence-based research to help them make smart decisions about how to do business in a new (or existing) market, or even if they should be doing business there at all. To cope up with the gap, and have an eagle-eye, evidence-based research and consulting come in.

Whether it was to strategise the launch of a new snack range for General Mills in Spain or eSports market for Telefonica in Argentina or go-to-market strategy for a startup in India, I have worked on numerous strategic consulting projects in various industries across four continents.

To unfold my passion into a profession, I help organisations to develop the ideas that derive extraordinary results. Ideas that are fact-based and rigorously researched. Ideas that managers and leaders can rely upon to make strategic decisions.

Studied and worked internationally, I am fond of working in diverse teams. I find it incredibly marvellous to explore and examine any given problem with distinct mindsets and articulate innovative solutions. I am a proud alumnus of IE Business School (Spain) and Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta (India).

My professional associations (in various capacities) include Crisil Research, Asian Paints Limited, IE Business School, Nielsen, General Mills, Telefonica, 10EQS and IPSOS Business Consulting.

In my free time, I love to read, practice meditation and yoga. My quest to “Make a difference” includes Mindfulness and Mental Health. I am also a co-founder of a mental health project operational in Madrid, Spain.

What People Say

“He is the one who brings a good spoonful of common sense when the job takes a wrong direction.”

Javier Arenas, Partner – El Departamento

“Trust and Handwork, that makes him absolutely excellent to work with.”

Saurabh Agarwal, INSEAD & Mckinsey & Co

“He is talented, dedicated and Very Focused.”

Carlos Rodriguez, Founder & CTO, CogniFit

Let’s build something together.