Book Review: “Roohaniyat”- The Book of Soulfulness

Life is unusual!

Sometimes it takes all the beautiful people away from you and sometimes blesses you with equally loving people. Our friendship prospered in the phase where friends could turn foes. A man with such wisdom, in tender age, is what made me his fan before even knowing “Roohaniyat.”

There is something great about Roohaniyat; it makes this boy bleed his heart out, to cherish the sheer essence of poetry, to make words fall for his pen. Hindi poetry is rare, so the writers of it. The most beautiful thing about Roohaniyat is that it has been written in flawlessly uncomplicated words, which can be well-understood, even to a ‘not so poetic‘ girl. 😉

To review such a good work is obviously not my cup of tea, but I would still rate it 4.5/5. 0.5 goes to the probability of a stereotype-judgment & to let him work even harder in life.

P.S. Next time if you go to his clinic for a root-canal, do ask him to sing his soothing poetry, instead of Anesthesia.

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