The Perceived Value of Happiness

A fulfilled dream cannot hold onto its lasting joy, and an unfulfilled desire is not abiding despair – the perceived value of happiness proportionates with the progression to life. What is greatly valuable today ceases to exist tomorrow – living the present’s true potential and outgrowing a constant feeling of insufficiency?

Time is by virtue of which everything becomes nothingness in our hands and loses all real value  – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Somewhat all our joys are entwined with our suffering in a more profound way. Depth and meaning come from overcoming suffering. One cannot know happiness without sadness, love without loneliness, beauty without ugliness, nor faith without doubt. 


  1. Mohit says:

    Very true and worthy words. I wish you can write more of it. Please write a blog on the same. Waiting for one 🙂


    1. Sourav Raina says:

      Thank you for liking it, Mohit! I will try to write more about it. 🙂


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